QR_ for Engineering Directors

Providing engineers with the accurate, up-to-date information they need, when and how they need it to fulfil their roles effectively and efficiently. Improving the availability of precious engineering resources by reducing the time spent dealing with data administration and issue resolution. Facilitating agile working, enabling them to iterate quickly and fail fast through real time data enabled processes. Also improving team morale by relieving the workplace stress that results from inaccurate data and dysfunctional processes.

The visibility and clarity to succeed

Our clients are making major commitments to make their organisations, products and services more sustainable. Product sustainability starts with the Bill of Materials and the integrity of product data that allows its environmental and societal impact to be traced back to source and measured. QR has therefore a pivotal role to play at the heart of the greening of the global economy in sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Energy, Medical Devices & Life Sciences, Rail and Robotics.