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Bring order to data and processes to let innovation soar while maintaining regulatory compliance in the race for decarbonisation.

Decarbonisation of the global economy has strengthened focus on the carbon footprint of aviation and created new impetus behind the development of new zero emissions aircraft. However, many advanced aircraft development programmes run late and over budget through lack of early visibility of different critical path items not being ready or misaligned through poor and incomplete component specifications.

It’s often not the pioneering technologies involved that are the problem, it’s the ability to integrate them successfully in an increasingly complex, multi-stakeholder business environment. The resulting impacts for aerospace manufacturers are huge – escalating programme costs, delayed regulatory approvals, postponed revenues, reputational damage and lost first-mover market opportunities.

There is a solution - Quick Release. What we do is critical to the success of any advanced aircraft development programme and we are the best in the world at doing it. We will be your expert partner that will bring order to your data and processes and help you deliver your programmes faster, more efficiently and with less risk – enabling you to realise your full potential as a leader in the emerging zero-emissions aviation market.

Showcase projects

PDM diagnostic and implementation

An assessment piece on how the client track and manage parts from Concept, Design to raising a PO. Early on it was identified whilst there were detailed processes in place on how to conduct parts of process, these were only snapshots of particular processes. Detailed only to specific projects with no overarching companywide process detailing how the client take a part from Concept to PO.

Aerospace SMEs

Paul Cotton

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Senior Advisor, Aerospace

Paul is Non Executive Director to Quick Release_. With 25 years of Aerospace Engineering expertise from Rolls-Royce, he brings that specific Aerospace flavour, coaching organisations to be even better through digitalisation of product data and aligned and connected Enterprise Systems. Paul is an independent consultant focused on delivering zero emissions flight.

Ian Quest

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Senior Advisor, Consultancy