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Enhance forward visibility and cost discipline in connected battlespace programmes. Best data practices can slash years off delivery timelines and millions off development costs.

The changing global security situation will likely see substantial increases in defence spending by NATO members and other countries, as well as demands for accelerated platform delivery and upgrade programmes under high levels of public expenditure scrutiny.

However, the development and upgrade of advanced battlespace systems present complex software, engineering and change management challenges. Many such programmes run late and over budget through different critical path items not being ready or misaligned through poor and incomplete specifications. The resulting impacts for defence contractors are huge – escalating programme costs, delayed delivery, postponed revenues, contract penalties and reputational damage.

There is a solution - Quick Release. What we do is critical to the success of any modern battlespace systems programme and we are the best in the world at doing it. We will be your expert partner that will bring order to your data, strengthen change management disciplines and help you deliver your programmes faster, more efficiently and with less risk – protecting and enhancing your reputation as a trusted supplier of advanced battlespace systems.

Showcase projects

NPI process implementation

The client is a defence manufacturer, historically specialising in low volume bespoke projects. In recent years, they have significantly expanded their capacity and face numerous challenges in scaling up their operations. Specifically, standardization and adherence to project timing had been difficult. QR_ provided an NPI process with associated tools to help to tackle these challenges.

Defence SMEs

Shane Mason

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Senior Accounts Director, ADS

Paul Crabtree

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Director, UK

Paul started QR_ as a data analyst in 2011 after a lengthy period at university. Paul has grown with the company (figuratively, not literally unfortunately), now looking after several UK operations.

In his early days, Paul worked on process and system development with various OEMs, more recently working to accelerate Programs, most notably the UK Ventilator Challenge and ‘Project Siren’ - a joint venture between Ford and Venari – bringing a new ambulance to the market from concept to finished vehicle in 12 months.

Ian Quest

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Senior Advisor, Consultancy