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Data is the lifeblood of robotics, warehouse automation and same-day distribution challenges. Deliver your competitive advantage with QR_.

The growth in on-line shopping has resulted in rapid expansion of dedicated order fulfilment centres and large-scale migration of labour from store-based to warehouse-based jobs. Today most of these fulfilment centres are labour intensive and expensive to run. This is about to change and the opportunity for robotic automation providers is huge.

However, the development of robotic automation systems presents complex software and engineering integration challenges. Many such programmes run late and over budget through different critical path items not being ready or misaligned through poor and incomplete specifications. The resulting impacts for automation providers are huge – escalating programme costs, delayed commissioning of customer projects, postponed revenues, contract penalties, reputational damage and lost first-mover market opportunities.

There is a solution - Quick Release. What we do is critical to the success of any robotic automation programme and we are the best in the world at doing it. We will be your expert partner that will bring order to your data and processes and help you deliver your programmes faster, more efficiently and with less risk – enabling you to realise your full potential as a leader in the fast-growing robotic automation solutions market.

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Release management and BoM integrity

Our client, a pioneering technology manufacturer, were at the start of an ambitious scale-up. Product development had been painful & slower than expected, and so QR were engaged to undertake a PDM diagnostic and an initial improvement workstream.

Robotics SMEs

Claire Gibson

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Business Manager, Rest of UK

As a Business Manager at QR_, Claire looks after her team to help develop and deliver various projects. With relevant experience and 7 years within the industry, Claire supports QR_ in client engagements and relationships in addition to her management responsibilities.

On top of her role as Business Manager, Claire supports our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team, helping drive various changes to ensure QR_ moves in the right direction, and assists with the Placement Student process to give the most rounded experience possible.

Laura Palisaityte

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Lead Consultant