Establishing effective Product Data Management: The lifeblood of any complex engineering programme

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Why PDM matters

Effective product data management is a requisite of any complex engineering programme. Organisations that can get their products to market faster, better prepared and more efficiently will clearly be the winners. Without a capable PDM solution, your organisation could face reduced productivity, quality failures and loss in revenue; ultimately losing ground against competitors. From individual components to complete systems and assemblies, QR_ provide a fully-supported and scalable solution that delivers real results.

Published 26 May 2022

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An unprecedented level of innovation, but common challenges in getting products to market

Decarbonisation and other major disruptors of the global economy are driving an unprecedented level of new, advanced product development and introduction. However, 90% of such programmes run late and over budget through lack of early visibility for critical path items, delayed or misaligned through poor and incomplete product data. It’s typically not the product technology itself that’s the problem, it’s the ability to realise the product in an increasingly complex business environment.

The adverse business and operational impacts are often substantial

The financial impacts are often very large, including delayed revenues, incremental program costs as a result of timeline slippage, material wastage and quality failures.

The operational impacts are also huge – incorrect or wrong specification parts causing constant firefighting, reduced productivity, extensive re-work, immense frustration and high stress levels.

There is an urgent need for effective Product Data Management

Organisations that can get their products to market faster, better prepared and more efficiently will clearly be the winners, requiring agile and robust PLM and NPD processes underpinned by best practice Product Data Management. Effective Product Data Management is the life-blood of any complex engineering program.

Quick Release is focused on solving this problem

QR_ is uniquely focused on this, connecting the silos to create timely, accurate and human centric information flows. As a result, we are global leaders in PDM and supreme in our ability to tackle this mission-critical issue for our clients.

We are like consultants, but better. We’re analysts, project managers, technical wizards and communication experts, but most of all we’re thinkers and doers who solve complex problems, propose smart solutions and then back up our words with actions.  

The positive impact we have is huge

We give time back to the engineers so they can focus on engineering. We reduce the adverse cost impacts of out-of-specification materials and quality failures. We avoid the programme cost implications of timeline slippage. We enable our clients to get their products to market on-time or ahead of time, so they can be commercialised as quickly and successfully as possible.  

And we establish and train new PDM disciplines, so these benefits are secured for the long-term.

The business case is usually very compelling

While no two programmes are the same, QR_ has developed a business case estimation tool that we use with our clients to help them quantify the up-side potential and down-side risks associated with establishing good PDM disciplines versus not.  

The return on investment from using QR_’s services is often 50 times or better. We would be delighted to apply our estimator to your major programmes to quantify the value that you might be leaving on the table.

Our approach is practical and hands-on

Our many years of practical experience tell us that systems alone do not deliver effective PDM enablement of NPD and PLM processes. This also requires careful planning, product understanding, specific PDM expertise, attention to detail, and close teamwork. We are not therefore just an extension of our client’s team, our PLM & PDM professionals become an integral part of it. This is a prerequisite for realising the successful outcomes our clients need and rightly demand from us.

Clients love working with us

We are respectful but bold, candid and constructively provocative - we only challenge (and succeed) with facts and data. We prove ourselves quickly by resolving the urgent data problems fast and mitigating program delays and risk.  

Through this, we build confidence and form strong working relationships with our clients at all levels, serving as their trusted advisor and delivery partner. An important benefit of bringing order to data and processes and thereby reducing problem levels is that is that we reduce frustration, reduce stress levels and create a better working environment for all.

Quick Release brings extensive codified best practice

The capabilities we bring are based on practical skills, extensive experience, proven methods and supporting digital tools. Extensive, codified best-practice operational models and tried & tested training enable us to transfer knowledge rapidly, deliver at pace, fix distressed programmes and establish effective NPD and PDM capabilities that our clients can build on. Our PDM Academy and professional qualification represent important foundations for capability building for many of our clients.

Quick Release can ensure successful adoption of PLM and PDM solutions

We are not a software solution provider. However, we can make a major positive impact on the successful adoption of PLM software solutions by establishing the process disciplines, clarity of roles, skills and performance metrics necessary to embedding the new ways of working necessary to use such platforms effectively. As such, we are a natural and independent partner to such solution providers and their clients. 

Quick Release has a major role to play in the transformation of the global economy

Our clients are making major commitments to make their organisations, products and services more sustainable. Product sustainability starts with the Bill of Materials and the integrity of product data that allows its environmental and societal impact to be traced back to source and measured.  

QR_ has therefore a pivotal role to play at the heart of the greening of the global economy in sectors such as Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Energy, Rail and Robotics.

Quick Release: Your future data management partner

We would be delighted to be your expert product data management partner that will bring order to your data and processes and help you bring advanced engineered products to market faster, more efficiently and with less risk.

“In my opinion Quick Release are the best management consultants, globally, ​in terms of data driven manufacturing efficiency, techniques and practices”​​ CEO, UK automotive company


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